Management principles and Action guidelines

Management principles

We aim to be a hotel long loved and strongly supported by our customers. Our strategy to achieve this is founded on three vital principles:

  1. 1Improve customer satisfaction
    Create a hotel to satisfy customers by providing sincere hospitality and comfortable spaces.
  2. 2Fulfill social responsibility
    Comply with laws and regulations and create a hotel that the community appreciates and relies on.
  3. 3Develop the Company and establish a rewarding workplace
    Striving for the further progress of the company and create a hotel where staff people are proud to work and pursue their dreams.

7 essence: Customer Satisfaction (CS) Guidelines

7 essence is a set of action guidelines for the whole workforce at NIPPON HOTEL founded on the primary management philosophy “Improved customer satisfaction.”
We will continue pursuing improved customer satisfaction based on the 7 essence guidelines.

  1. 1We smile.
  2. 2We are always courteous.
  3. 3We are always grateful.
  4. 4We value teamwork.
  5. 5We provide safety.
  6. 6We stay ambitious.
  7. 7We act responsibly.