CSR Information

NIPPON HOTEL Co., Ltd. aims to be a corporation friendly to communities and the global environment by engaging in socially rewarding activities and tackling environmental problems as a priority issue in every phase of operation.

Environmental activities

Basic principle

NIPPON HOTEL positions environmental problems as a priority issue in its corporate activities and does all that it can to operate as an environmentally friendly corporation.

Basic policy

  1. We contribute to customers, communities, and international society by providing comfortable environment-friendly hospitality.
  2. We strive to create a recycling society for global environmental conservation and do all we can to effectively use resources by promoting 3R activities (= reduce, reuse, and recycle).
  3. We strive to raise awareness on environmental conservation and put it into practice on a personal level with our sights set on an healthy, preserved environment for tomorrow.

Promoting an environmental management regime

We set forth principles, policies, and guidelines for environmental conservation as priority issues to attend to as a corporation. Three specific goals have been set: (1) reducing energy and CO2; (2) recycling resources (e.g., turning food waste to fertilizer or feed); and (3) raising the environmental awareness of our employees. To build momentum towards achieving these goals, we are enhancing our environmental management regime from an organizational perspective by setting up an “Environmental Management Office” for environmental measures and a “Project Committee” for environmental conservation activities.

Activity report

The Great Tohoku Earthquake has awakened us anew to the importance of energy and our limited resources. To reduce power supply/demand during peak hours, we have adopted a special “visualization” strategy in a new building and energy management system (BEMS). A special power monitor installed in a kitchen transmits visual and sound signals to remind building users to cut down on power consumption. When power consumption reaches a preset threshold in part of the BEMS-regulated building, the power monitor issues a sound alarm and blinks in red. This is one of several ingenious strategies we are adopting to save electricity.

The Tokyo Station Hotel

The Tokyo Station Hotel achieved the reduction of its CO2 emissions by 14% between FY2013 and FY2015, and demonstrated its excellence in the tenant lodging sector. It consequently earned a recommendation and spoke about its environmental efforts at the 2016 Tenant Energy-saving Seminar organized by the Bureau of Environment of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo

Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo undertook full-scale energy-saving activities in response to the introduction of the obligation to reduce the total emissions of greenhouse gases and the emissions trading program as a result of the 2008 amendment to the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Environmental Preservation. It successfully reduced its CO2 emissions by 20.4% by FY2013 from the level prior to the launch of the environmental activities in FY2009, and spoke about its efforts at the 2014 Tenant Energy-saving Seminar organized by the Bureau of Environment of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Local and social contribution activities

As a member of the JR East Group, NIPPON HOTEL positions local and social contribution as priority issues. We strive to revitalize communities and generate ‘sight-seeing flows’ by arranging tie-up events between eastern Japan and other regions with an emphasis on food and collaboration with the residents around the hotels.

How we contribute locally (examples)

Local “food events”

Every year we hold several “food events” in eastern Japan in collaboration with NIPPON HOTEL’s restaurant. These events give hotel guests a chance to encounter specialty foods and products from different regions in the country.

An agreement with the Chiyoda-ward government to accept commuters unable to go home
Hotel Metropolitan Edmont

After the Great Tohoku Earthquake, Hotel Metropolitan Edmont entered into an agreement with the Chiyoda-ward government to accept as many stranded commuters (commuters unable to go home) as possible and distribute relief supplies from the ward government in the event of another large-scale disaster. We are now collaborating with the ward government to establish a system for smoothing out disturbances in the flow of commuters under emergency conditions.

Ikebukuro Inbound Corporation
Office: Hotel Metropolitan (Ikebukuro)

We serve as the managing entity and office for Ikebukuro Inbound Corporation, one of Ikebukuro’s most prominent promoters of tourism. Ikebukuro Inbound Corporation is working to create and revitalize tourism demand for more international visitors to Ikebukuro, a destination especially popular for visitors from Asia.

Supporting the disabled and elderly

We actively recruit people with disabilities.

We also provide “universal rooms” for the elderly and disabled in every group hotel and strive to improve both hardware and software accessibility.