Services and group companies

Hotel service

  • The business includes the operation and management of Hotel Metropolitan in the metropolitan area, Hotel Mets and Tokyo Station Hotel for businessmen, and resort hotels Familio run by JR East Hotels.

HOTEL Introduction

  • As the flagship hotel company of JR East Hotel Group, we function as the Head Office, JR East Hotels and play a leadership role in promoting group sales and providing physical support by dispatching staff people to and from regional hotels for assignments and training.


  • We also serve as the executive office of the JR Hotel Group, the operator of many hotels, including several directly connected to stations in major cities all over the country, from Hokkaido to Kyushu.


Cleaning, security and maintenance services

Our services include guest room housekeeping, security on hotel premises, and management of employee dormitories.

  • Cleaning services for hotels
  • Security service
  • Parking management service
  • Dormitory management service

Bakery and café services

Bringing hotel bread to stations – we also run Edy’s Bread, a sophisticated in-station bakery. The bread from Edy’s is prepared by the “scratch method,” a unique process for mixing and kneading dough to attain an authentic hotel bread flavor inside stations. Hotel quality for the busy commuter.

Edy’s Bread café Ikebukuro

Catering service

This is a catering service to deliver the hotel-style cuisine for family dinners, conferences, parties, memorial services, and many other occasions. To “keep hot food hot and cold food cold,” we deliver the quality of hotel-style cuisine with dedicated warmer and refrigerator vehicles.