• HOTEL Introduction

The Tokyo Station Hotel

Tokyo, the gateway to the metropolis.
The Tokyo Station Hotel is located in the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, an important cultural property of Japan. This is the only hotel in the neighborhood with a rich historical heritage.

Recommended for:
Business / sightseeing / weddings / anniversaries / other celebrations

Metropolitan Hotels

A sophisticated urban hotel distinct for both quality and functionality.
Our hotels are ideal for business gatherings, sightseeing, weddings and special anniversaries.

Recommended for:
Business / sightseeing / weddings / anniversaries / other celebrations

Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro

Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo

Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi

Hotel Metropolitan Saitama-Shintoshin

Hotel Metropolitan Takasaki

Hotel Metropolitan Nagano

Hotel Mets

Hotel Mets is ideal not only for business and sightseeing, but also for second rooms for your guests or accommodations for students taking entrance exams or job hunting.

Recommended for:
Business / sightseeing / Entrance exams / Job hunting / Long stays / Daytime use

Hotel Mets

Shibuya No. of rooms:195 Beverage service facilities:PUBLIC HOUSE
Mejiro No. of rooms:95 Beverage service facilities:Fiorentina
Tabata No. of rooms:98 Beverage service facilities:PRONTO
Komagome No. of rooms:152 Beverage service facilities:Denny's
Koenji No. of rooms:110 Beverage service facilities:Denny's
Musashisakai No. of rooms:95 Beverage service facilities:EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ
Kokubunji No. of rooms:75 Beverage service facilities:Lounge
Kumegawa No. of rooms:47 Beverage service facilities:Lounge
Tachikawa No. of rooms:129 Beverage service facilities:Sign
Akabane No. of rooms:120 Beverage service facilities:Denny's
Urawa No. of rooms:62 Beverage service facilities:Denny's
Kawasaki No. of rooms:153 Beverage service facilities:GRILL TSUBAME
Yokohama Tsurumi No. of rooms:111 Beverage service facilities:Becker's
Mizonokuchi No. of rooms:100 Beverage service facilities:Denny's
Kamakura Ofuna No. of rooms:156 Beverage service facilities:COFFEE SHOP
Funabashi No. of rooms:161 Beverage service facilities:chawan
Tsudanuma No. of rooms:81 Beverage service facilities:Denny's
Mito No. of rooms:102 Beverage service facilities:Lounge
Utsunomiya No. of rooms:158 Lounge Restaurant LAPIS / SUSHIZANMAI / Utsunomiya-Minmin


An environment rich in nature and outdoor spaces for sports.
Many of our hotels are ideal for sightseers and sports enthusiasts.

Recommended for:
Business / sightseeing / activities

Hotel Dream Gate Maihama
Hotel Dream Gate Maihama Annex


Group Businesses

Metropolitan service Co.,Ltd.

We provide hotel cleaning and security services in 18 hotels operated by NIPPON HOTEL GROUP.
The safety and cleanliness in hotels is our number one priority to ensure a comfortable stay for our guests.


We offer exquisite catering services for any meetings, conferences, social events and weddings by delivering hotel-style cuisine.
Our services expand to bakery store management -“Edy’s Bread” and “LES TROIS ROTONDES” - as part of the station development “Ekinaka” project.