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CSR Information

Environmental activities

NIPPON HOTEL Co., Ltd. aims to be a corporation friendly to communities and the global environment by engaging in socially rewarding activities and tackling environmental problems as a priority issue in every phase of operation.

Basic principle・Basic policy

Basic principle

NIPPON HOTEL positions environmental problems as a priority issue in its corporate activities and does all that it can to operate as an environmentally friendly corporation.

Basic policy

  • We contribute to customers, communities, and international society by providing comfortable environment-friendly hospitality.
  • We strive to create a recycling society for global environmental conservation and do all we can to effectively use resources by promoting 3R activities (= reduce, reuse, and recycle).
  • We strive to raise awareness on environmental conservation and put it into practice on a personal level with our sights set on an healthy, preserved environment for tomorrow.

Environmental activities (examples)

Local and social contribution activities

As a member of the JR East Group, NIPPON HOTEL positions local and social contribution as priority issues. We strive to revitalize communities and generate ‘sight-seeing flows’ by arranging tie-up events between eastern Japan and other regions with an emphasis on food and collaboration with the residents around the hotels.

How we contribute locally (examples)