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NIPPON HOTEL aims to provide a superior level of service as we position the trust placed in us by our customers as our most valued asset.

NIPPON HOTEL manages the hotel operations of the JR-East Group. While our main area of operation is the Tokyo metropolitan area, JR-EAST HOTEL METS SAPPORO opened in Sapporo on February 1, 2019. In addition to the luxury hotel, The Tokyo Station Hotel, located in the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, designated an important cultural property of Japan, NIPPON HOTEL also operates several other hotel brands. “Crossing comfort and vibrancy” forms the brand concept of our full-service hotel brand, “Hotel Metropolitan”, while “Everything’s fine” forms the brand concept of our accommodation-focused brand, “Hotel Mets”. Our ultimate aim is to provide a higher level of service and true hospitality to both guests from around Japan and guests visiting Japan from overseas in locations that offer greater convenience. We take great pride in thinking independently while also working together to always offer a professional level of service to both satisfy and ensure our guests have an enjoyable stay with us.

NIPPON HOTEL is working on the construction of new hotels as part of activities to create new lifestyles and promote urban development currently being implemented by the JR-East Group. Plans are currently underway to open a new luxury hotel in Takeshiba, Hotel Metropolitan hotels in Kawasaki and Kamakura and hotels under the JR-East Hotel Mets brand in Tokyo, etc. by 2020. We hope to take advantage of our experienced and diverse pool of human resources, including our restaurant staff led by Honorary Executive Chef, Katsuhiro Nakamura, as we position the trust placed in us by our customers as our most valued asset and work together with local communities to achieve further growth and prosperity.

CEO Masayuki Satomi